Why Pick Us

  • Affordable and Transparent Pricing Options

    PCS can provide you with as much or as little assistance with credentialing and licensure services as you need.  Our services are broken down into Silver, Gold and Platinum Service Packages.  Our full-service Credentialing package pricing options start for as little as $99.99 one-time enrollment / set-up fee and only $9.99 monthly for credentialing maintenance and service.  We can provide assistance in obtaining your NPI Registration (Type I and Type II), State Controlled Substance Number, and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Registration for as little as $79.99 / each.  Our services are clearly explained – taking the guess work out of what will be done to help you get credentialed.

  • Remove the Aggravation, the Demands of Credentialing

    PCS assists you every step of the way in obtaining participating provider contracts.  We gather your credentials, complete all necessary paper and on-line applications, and continuously monitor your status until you receive your participating provider contract. PCS frees you up to focus on patient care and prevents lost money associated with doing credentialing incorrectly.

  • Get Paid Faster with Credentialing Done Right the First Time

    The Affordable Care Act has ushered in a new era of complexity and urgency in participating in commercial insurance and entitlement programs.  Fewer patients are without insurance coverage than ever before.  Providers who refuse to participate in the Affordable Care Act marketplace and increasingly shut out of a huge revenue pool.  PCS has years of expertise in navigating the complexities of getting you credentialed correctly the first time to ensure you have access to the greatest number of clients and avoid lost revenue associated with rejected claims.

  • Receive a Dedicated Credentialing Specialist

    PCS assigns a dedicated credentialing specialist to your account to personally assist you in all aspects of credentialing.  Your credentialing specialist is there to answer your questions and make sure you have peace of mind regarding your application process and status.

  • Access Your Account and Credentials Database 24/7

    PCS uploads all documents and database information pertaining to your account into our secure, cloud-based storage system which you have access to 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  You are able to easily check on the status of your applications anytime.  PCS also provides monthly summarizes of work performed as well as a Matrix of which insurance panels you are enrolled in which is continuously updated as you are credentialed with new insurance panels.

  • Monthly Maintenance of Credentials and Existing Contracts

    PCS continuously monitors the status of your credentials and licensure.  One of the number one reasons for unexpected, rejected claims is termination of participating provider status due to lapses in recredentialing.  The simple truth is that you are required to constantly update and revalidate your credentials.  Failure to do so can result in termination of your participating provider status and loss of money due to unpaid claims.  We help you avoid this painful reality.  We constantly monitor your credentials and licensure and send you alerts with recommended corrective action when any of your credentials and licensure is at-risk of expiring.  We keep your CAQH account, State Medicaid database, and Medicare status continuously up to date and re-attested.

  • All Services Are Expertly Performed in the United States

    PCS never outsources its work overseas.  PCS is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and only employs United States-based service specialists dedicated to meet your needs.  You can have confidence that when you contact PCS, your calls will be answered by knowledgeable, United States-based service specialists who are experts in the local credentialing and licensure regulations.  With PCS, you will never experience the frustration of automated answering systems or ignorant phone receptionists.  Your calls are returned promptly by friendly, helpful service specialists who can answer your questions.

  • For Healthcare Professionals Throughout the United States

    PCS provides top quality credentialing and enrollment services to healthcare providers across the United States. (including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, St. Louis, Madison and Indianapolis)