The Most Important Provider Enrollment Regulations

Provider Enrollment RegulationsThe Most Important Provider Enrollment Regulations

On March 2011, new requirements for the HCA (Health Care Authority) were implemented by the Affordable Care Act. These requirements include additional screening requirements for referring providers, disclosures, application fees, and re-credentialing for all providers every five years.

The HCA collects application fee according to the federal rule ($352) from providers before executing the provider agreement. There are some providers, who are exempt from these fees:
• Providers that have paid fees to Medicaid
• Individual providers
• Providers that enrolled under Medicare

Re-enrollment is necessary for all physicians who want to treat patients and have privileges. Re-credentialing includes filling up the application form, attaching all documentation (with updated information), and paying application fee. You’ll get a receipt that will mean the beginning of re-credentialing process.

Provider Enrollment on the Portal, or PEP, helps complete the application more thoroughly and carefully and guides you through the entire credentialing process. It has an online application form, where PEP automatically populates identical data field, which shortens the time to finish the applications and refuses errors and mistakes. Besides, it doesn’t allow you to submit the application before you fill out all required information. If your information is not consistent, your application will be denied. Before, you had to sign the application yourself, but now with an E-signature feature, you can sign the application online. You can also correct information online, which wasn’t possible before. You have 30 days to change information if needed. And one of the most important features is tracking. In the past, providers had to call to the credential manager to find out something about the application. Today, you can receive updates to the e-mail.

There are also new disclosure requirements. Now, HCA is required to collect data about controlling interests of providers, disclosures of ownership, managing employees and helping providers during credentialing process and re-credentialing process. All disclosures should include the name, social security number, and date of birth of the disclosed providers. Everything is collected in the Disclosure Statement and in the HCA’s Provider one online application system.

All health care facilities have to complete a financial report presented by an individual accountant of the facility. All documents, notes and schedules as required by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants should be presented in the report.

If the facility doesn’t prepare the report, it should at least provide a statement of revenue, statement of cash flows, changes in earning, and balance sheet. Sometimes audited statements can be in a consolidated format, and may not be audited.

HCA may obtain and use your medical information. It can collect information about you in many different ways. For instance, HCA can get your data when you apply for payment, enroll in UMP, call Customer Service, send claims, or submit appeals or complain. This information can be related to medical care or some general data.

HCA is required to keep this information confidential. It doesn’t disclose it to the third parties and can’t give it to the providers.

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